Marc Martel, The Best Singer Ever

by - September 22, 2021

Marc Martel, I know this singer because I watched the movie Bohemian Rhapsody on Netflix a few days ago. Actually, this film has been a hit in 2018 but I wasn't interested in watching it because I was so busy in the past. Well... few days ago when I was free, I just watched this film on Netflix for fun. After that, I was curious about who played Freddie Mercury's vocals in the film....and finally that curiosity led me to get to know a singer named Marc Martel.

It turns out that Marc has been viral since 2011 because he took part in the queen extravaganza somebody to love audition. At that time he made a video singing Somebody to love and then this video was uploaded on Youtube and immediately went viral, because his voice is really amazing and very similar to Freddie Mercury's voice. Currently this video has been watched by more than 22 million viewers. I swear I fell in love with Marc Martel's voice at the first time I heard it. Anyway... even though he's been viral since 2011, but I just met him now in 2021. Then I immediately subscribed to his youtube channel and followed his instagram...Gosh..i really love this guy.

I think Marc Martel's voice is really good, even better than Freddie Mercury. He can sing in low notes as well as high notes in a rock n roll style that roars like a lion. Damn..I like it !! Even though many people compare him to Freddie, for me Marc is Marc. Authentic Marc Martel. I have watched almost all the videos on his YouTube channel. Including his concert videos in various countries. The most epic cover video of Marc Martel is when he sings one take bohemian rhapsody while playing the piano. This video was uploaded on his YouTube channel in 2018 and so far it has been watched by more than 48 million viewers. I swear..I never get tired of watching him's really entertaining and Marc can be my best friend when I feel bored and alone. Huhuy..thank you Marc.

And.. in addition to his cool voice, Marc is also very handsome (but sorry my husband is more handsome than you..LOL). I am truly amazed by The Great Creator, who brought a singer as cool as Marc Martel into the world. Besides being handsome and having a really good voice, Marc is also good at playing the piano and guitar. He is very brilliant. Marc Martel looks really cool when he is singing while playing the piano. And this makes me want to learn to play the piano.

Even though now Marc Martel has become a world class artist, he is still a humble person. Then he was also very straight. From my search on google about this Marc Martel figure, it turns out that he is a very religious person. He is a Christian who is very in love with his faith and God. His father was a pastor, and his mother a church musician. Since childhood, Marc seems to have been educated by the family to be a religious person.

Marc Martel was married when he was 33 years old in 2010. Until now he is still very loyal to his wife. I also noticed that he never took off the wedding ring on his left ring finger whenever he went on tour to various countries. Hopefully Marc and his wife relationship will last forever.

One more thing that I admire about Marc is that he doesn't smoke. I've watched Marc's interview on one of the youtube channels and he said that he had never smoked in his life. He doesn't want to be addicted to anything because he likes to control's rare for an artist like this..huhu..Marc...I'm becoming a fan of you even more.

Until now Marc Martel is still actively holding concerts in various countries. He often performs with his band called Ultimate Queen Celebration (UQC). I hope one day I can watch Marc Martel's concert in Indonesia. According to the information I read on google, Marc had a concert in Jakarta in early 2020 ago, but unfortunately at that time I didn't know him. Hopefully next year Marc Martel can come to Indonesia again and I will definitely watch the concert.

Honestly, this is the first time I'm posting on my blog in English. So far, my writing is always in Indonesian. I write in English because I hope for a miracle, that one day Marc reads my writing and he knows that I really admire him. I've been a fan of Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, Adam Levine and other artists. But I never had the desire to meet the artist. But since getting to know Marc Martel, for me he is the best singer I have ever known so I really wanted to be able to meet him in person and hear him sing in person.

Through this blog I hope for a miracle that Marc reads my writing then sends me an email and tells me when he will come to Indonesia. dream may be too grandiose, but if that doesn't happen it's okay because by writing my admiration for Marc through this blog, it's enough to make me satisfied.

To Marc Martel, if you are reading this, I wish you always in good health and a long life so that you can continue to sing and produce the best work that entertains many people. I know you love singing very much and I wish you more succes in your career as a singer. Please..always being humble, kind, charming, friendly, straight, religious, ethical, loyal and loving to your wife and family...because you are a very talented singer and have a beauty that radiates from within your heart. Best of luck to you Marc Martel, the best singer I've ever known.

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